What People Say


"Emma has this sweet, soft and welcoming essence. Being in Circle with her feels so safe. I feel fully free to open up and be myself. She holds the space well and her words are always so perfect. I can't wait to be in Circle with her again!"

— Sierra, Esthetician & Reiki Practitioner 


“Emma provides such a safe and warm space in the Circles she leads. Her authenticity and generosity with her own feelings made me feel totally safe to be myself. I felt very seen and supported, and I would warmly recommend taking part in her Circles!”

— Beirt, Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

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“I feel that the space is held so beautifully by Emma, and that I am safe and free to enjoy some self care and healing. I love the fact that we aren't trying to heal each other, we are being alongside one another. I love the music choices and creativity.”

— Charlotte


"Emma held space for us with her beautiful energy - soft and compassionate yet firm and supportive. I felt completely safe to share what was getting in the way. Emma asked permission for the sisters to hold each of us accountable for doing that one thing that we're avoiding. Thank you Emma!"

— Denise, Teacher & Co-High Priestess of her local Coven